Autographed Letters -- A total of 26 pieces. William Jr Rotch, 1759 - 1850.

Autographed Letters -- A total of 26 pieces

Wraps. A trove of ALS mostly to William Rotch Jr. relating to foreclosures of mortgages on land transactions of Quakers in Western New York. Many seek the council and consideration of Mr. Rotch, one of the wealthiest and notable Quakers who resided in New Bedford, MA. The letters are notable for an insight into monetary transactions between the Quaker community over an extended period of years. Rotch was also one of the earliest and staunchest abolitionists. As such, he was a charter member of the Providence Society for Promoting the Abolition of Slavery (1789) and the first president of the New Bedford Anti-Slavery Society (1834). Twelve ALS from Humphrey Howland, a land surveyor, and fellow Quaker are dated from 1818-1833. There is an ALS from Sam Parsons of Flushing, New York dated 1829 to Mr. Rotch commenting on the mortgage issue. An ALS dated 1829 to William Burling by Daniel Kellogg commenting on Burling's financial circumstances. Burling is a main supplicant in the mortgage controversy, his earliest letter from Union Springs, NY, a village in Cayuga County dated 1818. An ALS from Skaneateles, NY from Kellogg Sandford dated 1830 to Rotch regarding his Springport property. An ALS to Rotch from Hiram Merrill dated 1830 re his Springhill property requesting his lowest price for the latter. An ALS to Rotch from Isaac Wood from Aurora NY dated 1828 regarding the Burling mortgage. Four ALS, two from Union Springs NY dated 1828 & 1829, and two from Canandaigua NY dated 1830 & 1833 to Rotch from William Burling. One ALS to Rotch dated 1831 from William Burling with a note stating a copy of same was sent to Sam Parsons. The last ALS from Burling to Rotch from Canandaigua dated 1832 states, " Whatever my be my lot, I shall strive for Christian resignation, and shall ever retain a grateful sense of thy kindness. A few lines from thee might have a tendency to calm the feelings of my family. My dear wife and all the girls (including May) unite with me in much love to thyself and Lydia." The time frame or inexorable time period of a seemingly same subject merits attention for the patience of all parties in attempting to resolve a divisive financial issue. Some nicks, small tears, but overall clean and readable. Very Good. Item #22535

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